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Gemini Weekly Sunday 12th November 2017

Another storm is likely brewing - though it could be that an old issue returns for further attention. No matter how calm, collected and determined you feel you are being, it might be as well to factor in that others don't have the same interest or investment in a project that you do. Relying on their support might not be wise. Yes, once again you may need to dig deep into reserves. Fact is that until Saturn leaves your opposite sign (December 20th), hurdles may well be encountered. This week these may be health-related (not necessarily yours). It may be that someone on whom you thought you could rely for practical support is simply unable to give it. Draw strength from the fact that Geminis are generally good at multi-tasking and deflecting attention when necessary! At the very least you may be able to persuade someone to extend a deadline. Note too that your way with words suggests that the wording you use in a document could make considerable difference - even if again, that's only 'buying time'.