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Capricorn Weekly Sunday 21st January 2018

By the First Quarter Moon on Wednesday, the need to talk about your experiences and level of expertise - and how this can be matched with reward - increases. As a result, you likely need to have your negotiating head on. It might help to read books written by those who have proven business experience. It would perhaps also help to have a mentor. Bearing in mind the forthcoming lunar and solar eclipse, it's probable that working patterns are about to change. A gap may be left that is near perfect for you to fill. Yet you might also be tempted by an offer that would take you to pastures new. Certainly, weighing up pros and cons: comparing the familiar with the unknown could be absorbing. Someone born under one of the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces may been mesmerised by the way in you in which you weigh up pros and cons. Their insight could make a real difference to your final choice.